Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fans clamour for show's return

The Radio Times recently asked readers to vote whether they would like to see Torchwood return to TV, or not. An impressive 97% of those polled stated a desire to see it back - and they're not alone.

John Barrowman has been vlogging from his own bedroom, as he works his way through a re-watch of the show's first season. He's clearly loving every minute of it, but regrets that the show ended when it, feeling it had plenty more life left in it.

Let's not pretend that Miracle Day was anything other a misfire, and as great as Big Finish are it's just not the same on audio. So come on BBC/BBC America/Netflix and/or Amazon. Give us fans a break - and bring old Jack back for more!

John says in one of his videos ". . . I’m going to watch episode one — I’m going back and I’m watching Torchwood. And there’s a reason why [wink] which I’ll tell ya when I can."

So, there's some hope at least.

[Or Captain Jack is in Doctor Who season 10, maybe even Class...]

Add in Eve Myles' comments recently that she's quitting the role of Torchwood... Could discussions have taken place regarding the future of the show, that involve John but didn't involve Eve? (Hence Eve's unexpected social media outburst) I guess we'll find out soon enough.


In news we missed, John Barrowman is now writing a comic based off of his Arrow series, Titled 'The Dark Archer' it's available now from digital comic stores.
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