Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Woodies Round-Up: One Rule

We're up to One Rule (the fourth release in Big Finish's Torchwood series) in our catch-up run down of external reviews:

Doctor Who TV ("one of those stories you can listen to all day and never grow bored.")
Red Rocket Rising ("Tracy-Ann Oberman’s performance is to be enjoyed...and worth at least two listens!")
Doctor Who Watch ("Despite the fact that it’s been a decade since her appearance in Series 2, [Tracy-Ann Oberman] plays the character so perfectly that it feels like no time has passed at all.")
Cult Box ("As well as being exciting, ‘One Rule’ is damn funny too")
Warped Factor ("I had trouble getting through this audio story, not because it doesn’t flow – it absolutely does – but because I was laughing so hard.")
Planet Mondas ("A rough night in a rough part of a beautiful City but a diamond performance from all involved and a polished script")
Blogtor Who ("This one is a proper treat and the tale is a real hoot, except when it isn’t.")
Sci-Fi Pulse ("Throughout, Oberman ate the scenery with all the condiments…obviously.")
Enigmania ("It allows for a lot of cool, funny and sometimes dark scenes that is just the sort of thing Torchwood fans loved watching on TV.")
Third Eye Cinema ("It’s not only atmospheric, well written and well acted, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.")
The Grawlix Podcast ("I found myself thinking… “Yeah. I would listen to a Yvonne Harman series.”)
Starburst Magazine ("6/10: We found this hour of Torchwood to be pretty forgettable. Chuck it in the Rift, we say.")
Karl Bate ("One criticism, or maybe a commercial win, is it left me wanting more.")
Outpost Skaro ("May ultimately end up being more divisive than previous episodes")

From Youtube:

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