Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Myles to go?

Has Eve Myles really quit playing the role of Gwen Cooper?

Reports last month suggested she had, after the actress posted a number of tweets stating as much.

Since then Eve has remained pretty quiet about the whole thing. It leaves me to wonder, however, exactly what she means. Has she ended her association with Torchwood completely (i.e. no more TV, Big Finish, etc.) - or is she merely suggesting that, five years on from her last appearance in Miracle Day, Eve no longer wants to play the role of Eve in a live-action capacity, but is willing to continue with the Big Finsh audios?

At the moment, it looks like the first option is more likely, which is a shame. Big Finish has a great reputation amongst its actors - Hell, they even managed to lure Tom Baker back! If Eve *has* quit them (which we don't know for certain)... did something happen behind the scenes?


I'm aware we've been away for a while. I'll slowly start to catch up on news throughout the rest of this week.
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