Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Woodies Round-Up: Forgotten Lives

In an attempt to catch back up, here's a run down of external reviews for Big Finish's third Torchwood release - Forgotten Lives, featuring Eve Myles and Kai Owen.

Red Rocket Rising ("a wonderful story")
Cultbox (Awarded 4/5 - "makes good use of a small cast and it is great to hear some more mature voices")
Warped Factor ("a story that you’ll struggle to forget)
Doctor Who Watch ("another fantastic example from Big Finish of exactly what Torchwood does best")
Planet Mondas ("Definitely not one to forget. 9/10.")
Outpost Skaro ("If there’s any niggles, there is a bit of accent drift in the southerly direction in a couple of cases")
Blogtor Who ("The sound effects... were so convincing that I was reaching for my big coat and my sou’wester.")
Sci-Fi Pulse ("Eve Myles and Kai Owen demonstrated why they are one of the most underrated double acts in science fiction.")
Third Eye Cinema ("an oft quite witty script from Emma Reeves.")

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