Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's Burn, Baby!

The latest Big Finish podcast reveals some great news - actor Burn Gorman is returning to Torchwood! He's set to reprise his role as Owen Harper in an upcoming audio adventure. We're promised more news this Friday via Big Finish and excited producer James Goss. Watch this space!

The current release schedule for the new audios, plus Titan's ongoing comic (please be aware that dates for the comics slip quite often - we'll do our best to update you on changes):


January 2017

The Torchwood Archives goes on general release.

March 2017

01/03: Torchwood #2.2 (Titan Comic)

29/03: Torchwood #2.3 (Titan Comic)

31/03: Visiting Hours (BF audio - with Rhys)

April 2017

11/04: Torchwood: Volume 1 (Titan Comic, collecting #1.1-1.4)

26/04: Torchwood #2.4 (Titan Comic)

30/04: The Dollhouse (BF audio - with 1970's Torchwood LA!)

May 2017

31/05: Corpse Day (BF audio - with PC Andy Davidson)

June 2017

07/06: Torchwood #3.1 (Titan Comic)

30/06: TBA (BF audio - cast TBC)

July 2017

12/07: Torchwood #3.2 (Titan Comic)

31/07: TBA (BF audio - cast TBC)

August 2017

16/08: Torchwood #3.3 (Titan Comic)

31/08: TBA (BF audio - cast TBC)

September 2017

20/09: Torchwood #3.4 (Titan Comic)

Meanwhile you can currently pick up Torchwood: Rift War (a comic strip adventure that originally featured in Titan's Torchwood: The Official Magazine) for £2.99 by clicking here.
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