Monday, January 16, 2017

Burn! 'Eggs! The Full Monty!

Since the last update, Big Finish have released a full statement confirming Burn Gorman's return to Torchwood!

"WE'VE GOT BURN!!! It's so exciting," says producer James Goss. "We've been trying to get Burn Gorman since we started. We've been hunting him across the globe, from Man In The High Castle to And Then There Were None, and we kept getting so close - and then he vanished into the depths of Hungary to make a film for months - but as soon as the project wrapped he was raring to go"

The full statement can be read by clicking here!

Meanwhile the Radio Times spotting a cheeky reference to Torchwood hidden within episode 2 of Sherlock's fourth series (click here to read the story).

And! There's a trailer for Kai Owen's UK tour of The Full Monty. Of course you want to see it!

Click here for an interview with Kai about the production.
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