Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A 51st century kind of guy

With a gay executive producer and a gay actor who is starring as a bisexual leading man, "Touch Wood" has already gotten a fair amount of play in the gay press around the world. You can probably count the number of bisexual leading men in the history of TV on one genital. If you saw John Barrowman's appearance on Loose Women last week, it was obvious that he will not be shy about playing the bi angle up for all its worth. Below are reactions to last week's Torchwood news from several prominent gay news sites.


Pink News: Doctor Who spinoff for Bisexual/Gay Character

Gay.com UK: Gay writer and actor pair up for “adult” Dr Who

The Advocate: Russell Davies and John Barrowman to team for Doctor Who spinoff

GayNZ.com: Doctor Who Spinoff for Gay Character

Queer Day: Torchwood gives bisexual Captain Jack a Doctor Who spinoff

Rainbow Network: John Barrowman

After Elton: John Barrowman Plays Bisexual Time Traveler on New Dr. Who
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