Sunday, October 23, 2005

Springtime for Hitler

John Barrowman will front a chorus of goostepping Nazis in Mel Brook's own remake of The Producers movie. This will be a film version of the recent Broadway production starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. The whole thing is a musical and features several new songs not in the original movie. The film trailer is available online but don't blink as you will miss JB sporting a bleach-blonde hairdo and wearing a stormtrooper uniform.


In other news, JB will take part in a big Stephen Sondheim birthday tribute tonight in London. Barrowman will get to share the stage with Eartha Kitt! Maybe he can persuade her to make a cameo as a villian in Torchwood.

Finally, Charlotte Church is all hot to write her own guide to good sex. I'm guessing the title of Chapter One will be: "First, Find a Rugby Player."
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