Sunday, October 30, 2005

K9 slated to appear on Torchwood

No not really. Sorry for scaring you . . In the forty-two year history of Doctor Who there has been only one other attempt at a spinoff prior to Torchwood. That was the ill-fated the tin dog's spinoff did. (Sort of a SPOILER warning here. I will talk below about news the BBC has officially released about Season 28 of Doctor Who. So this will probably be your only warning of this type. In the future, if it is something the BBC has officially released about Torchwood or WHO I will not give any warnings. I figure that's what a news and information site is about. The only type of thing I really consider to be SPOILER worthy is if some insider releases key plot information. OK you have been warned.)

K9 and Company is WHO canon and the two stars of that show Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III will be making an appearance on the forthcoming season of Doctor Who. I personally don't understand the fascination people have with that stupid robot dog but it will be nice to see Sarah Jane again. The BBC has specifically said there would be no crossover episodes between Torchwood and WHO which is a shame. I was really hoping we might get to see a cat fight between Charlotte and Billie.
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