Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh yeah? Well you have a fat head!

You know it has to be a slow day when I am writing a post about a story like this. (Come on, you have to expect a slow news day regarding a show that is still 9 months from premiering. Well I have committed to daily posts about Torchwood and I'm sticking with it damnit!) This just over the wires, Charlotte Church has a fat head! Well that's according to Cheryl Tweedy and we all know she is an expert about such things.

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In other news regarding CC, She is listed at 150 to 1 odds to be the next Bond Girl. While granted she is a bit of a longshot, she fairs a lot better than Abi Titmuss who is currently at 250 to 1 odds and suprisingly Billie Piper is nowhere to be seen! Personally I think the smart money is on Scarlett Johannson at 25 to 1. And if placing a bet on that weren't pathetic enough you can also put money down on whether of not Church will get married to Gavin. I wonder what the odds are that Charlotte will actually be in Torchwood, as that news still has yet to be officially confirmed.
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