Thursday, October 20, 2005

Torchwood: The Musical

The two Torchwood leads that have been announced so far are both singers, so it shouldn't be too long now before the news is revealed that they will be doing a duet on the show. Maybe Russell T. Davies is working on an all-singing episode to close the season out with. Perhaps in the vein of the classic Steven Bochco program Cop Rock!

Charlotte Church has had a record contract since she was 12 and was the youngest singer ever to have a number one album. Clips from her most recent album are available for sampling here complete with commentary. I must confess I had never heard of her before yesterday.


You can also take a listen on John Barrowman's site to his most recent CD. While I could do without the Broadway/West End arrangements, JB is quite a respectable singer. He does all the standards and I think it is safe to say he has the best voice of any Doctor Who companion ever. And yes, that list includes Billie Piper.
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