Saturday, October 22, 2005

Turn off the TV and read a book

I realize there are some of you who don't feel prepared for the premiere of Torchwood on BBC3 just yet, but fear not, you still have about nine months until that fateful day. One way to bone up on Captain Jack is to read the three recent novels by BBC Books featuring Jack alongside the Ninth Doctor. These three stories supposedly take place between the episodes The Doctor Dances and Boom Town from season 27 of Doctor Who.


The first of the trilogy is The Deviant Strain reviewed here, in it you will find the Doctor and Jack warming to each other after their rocky first impression. The next novel is Only Human in which Captain Jack gets naked again, the first time was in Bad Wolf, but the scene Russell T Davies shot was cut back by the BBC. These kids in England reviewed the book. Who said Doctor Who isn't educational? The final book in the series is The Stealers of Dreams in which Jack Harkness shows his sweet side. The rest of the book isn't written as poorly as the title is, read about it here.

So get started on your homework. I will expect a book report on my desk by next week.
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