Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jack in the box

In response to some comments yesterday. The DVDs of season 27 (or as the BBC calls it, series one) of Doctor Who are indeed available to those here in the US who want to hunt them down. The complete box set of 5 DVDs with lots of extras including episode commentaries from John Barrowman can be ordered from the UK starting today. Disk 5 has all the BBC3 Doctor Who Confidential documentary programs which featured interviews with JB and others involved. There is a featurette called The Adventures of Captain Jack and a bonus preview of The Christmas Invasion.

For those who are not diehard Doctor Who fans and only want to buy the episodes featuring Torchwood's Captain Jack, then you can purchase Volume 3 or 4 separately. You won't be able to play any of these items outside of Europe unless you have a region-free DVD player. The exact same box set will be released in Canada on Valentine's Day 2006 and will be playable on DVD players here in the States.

I often like listening to DVD commentary tracks more than the actual soundtrack on most movies. SFX magazine has posted some of the more interesting facts you can learn from the Doctor Who DVD commentaries in an article here.

Like, we learn that John Barrowman originally planned to play Captain Jack with a fake English accent when he was introduced in The Empty Child and would speak with it up until the point where he says, "I'm a con man!" Also, during the last filmed take of Jack kissing the Doctor in The Parting of the Ways, (one wonders how many takes they needed to do) JB didn't stop with giving Eccleston a quick kiss. The goodbye was stretched into a serious makeout session with both of them ending up on the floor.

UPDATE: Bowing to public pressure perhaps, the BBC has decided to release this box in the USA as well. You can pre-order from Amazon and it will be shipped on Valentines day 2006.
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