Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Is it true blondes have more fun?

During christmas time this year, the song that everybody will be humming will be Springtime for Hitler! This catchy little ditty sung by John Barrowman is the centerpiece of The Producers musical film opening on December 16th. The soundtrack of the film was released today and you can listen to a 30-second sample of John's performance singing Springtime for Hitler at

Doctor Who

Barrowman performed the lavish musical sequence for Mel Brook's camera this past springtime over the course of a week in New York. JB's costar Garry Beach mentions in this interview that not only was JB's hair dyed blonde for the scene but his blue eyes apparently weren't blue enough and he wore turquoise contacts to go along with his full Nazi regalla. has posted a sneak peak of Barrowman's outfit in the film.

Well we all know the Nazis persecuted homosexuals, but just like in the film Casablanca, where many of the Nazis were in fact played by Jews, the joke is on them, as a gay actor is now sporting the aryan look. While maybe not a marqee role, the dancing and singing stormtroopers will be a big part of the film's promotional effort, so you can look forward to seeing a blonde Barrowman all over the place this month.
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