Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's Torchwood's Birthday!

Break out the champagne, today marks the 42nd anniversary of the first broadcast of Torchwood! That makes it the longest running Doctor Who spinoff ever. Here's to another 42 years with Captain Jack . . . Oh wait my mistake, there has been some sort of a mix-up. It has been just 42 days (or so) since the show was first announced by BBC3.

John Barrowman

In honor of this great anniversary I am going to take my first day off from this blog. Sorry, but unless RTD announces that Tom Baker will be guest starring on the show, or some other such big news, I will be taking the Thanksgiving weekend off from Torchwood.TV.

Before I head off to pig out with family, I do want to congratulate Doctor Who on birthday 42 today. That is no small achievement, I doubt that when they dreamed it up in 1963 they could have predicted that it would be the show to watch on Korean Television in 2005. The Ninth and Tenth Doctors were both born since the show first went on the air.

A certain former WHO script editor made the number 42 famous somewhere or another, and in honor of this ultimate anniversary you can hear Shada, one of his old WHO scripts, brought back to life on the radio in a few weeks.

Torchwood has yet to meet the same test of time as Doctor Who, but then what show has? Don't forget to check back into this blog again sometime around August 2048 when I will be able to save some time by recycling this post.
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