Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Torchwood Club 7

Well it looks like all the tabloids finally noticed the statement Rachel Stevens made about auditioning for Torchwood way back on the 11th and that I discussed on the 16th. It was published this morning in the Daily Mirror and then re-reported on Sky News, My Kinda Place, Drowned in Sound, Monsters & Critics, and Contact Music.

Doctor Who

The Mirror used the same quote attributed to New! magazine (Whatever the hell that is) in the original MSN notice. The other articles today sloppily reported that Stevens made this statement to The Mirror directly. What I find most interesting is that The Mirror adds the following bit of information that was not in the MSN piece, "The singer has a final audition to win the part of Gwen opposite John Barrowman's Captain Jack in the post-watershed sci-fi show."

Now last I had checked, Gwen was just a name that RTD had casually thrown out in the context of Torchwood in this month's Doctor Who Magazine. That "Gwen" is in fact a major character in the show, or Captain Jack's partner is far from official. So, either The Mirror has some inside information, or they are getting their news from forums and blogs like this one which have jumped to that same conclusion. Way to go guys! Good work, let's see how many more rumours we can get started!
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