Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy New Year!

No I haven't been on break from the page that long. It is still November. But I just realised I hadn't given you this greeting yet for 2005, so better late than never. It was a year to remember with the revival of Doctor Who! And its now just a month until 2006, a year that of course will go down in history as the year Torchwood premiered.

Paul McGann New Year's Eve

As if John Barrowman's December weren't busy enough, he announced this weekend on his page that he will be taking part in the BBC1 televised New Year's Eve coverage. So if you can't get a date for that night, not to worry you can count down the new year with Captain Jack! Or, if you are hosting a Doctor Who themed New Year's Eve party, (and if you aren't, what's stopping you!) make sure to have the television on in the background.

When I think of Doctor Who and New Year's Eve, the first thing that comes to mind is that horrible FOX TV movie from 1996. But let's wash the unpleasantness of that fiasco aside and have a fun time and do it up right this December 31st. We can only hope that the BBC's resolution for the new year is to never ever think about doing a joint production with the USA again.
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