Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Russell is an ageist!

The AARP is up in arms because of a statement RTD made in an interview on BBC Radio 2 a few weeks ago. He said that in this day and age the Doctor could never be played by somebody over 45. Well actually, it is a human resources consulating firm called Penna that is upset by his statement and their CEO says Doctor Who and the BBC will be in violation of a forthcoming age discrimination law in the UK come October.

doctor who

While not as young as Peter Davision when he took on the role of the Doctor, David Tennant is a young 34. He will probably need a 50+ year old companion after Billie leaves the show in order for WHO to be in compliance with this new legislation.

John Barrowman is only 38 which means that the mysterious "Gwen" of Torchwood will have to be recruited from the geriatric set as well. So we obviously can't trust all these rumours about RTD trying out teen pop singers for the part. Nope it looks like the writing is on the wall, Gwen will be played by Angela Lansbury.

PS - Torchwood was unveiled as a sexier version of Doctor Who, but I wonder if it will ever get as kinky as this film.
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