Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Voting might not make much of a difference but complaining sure does

The collective wine of Whovians in the USA has finally been heard by the BBC. Perhaps because they are bowing to public pressure or just because they have finally decided to use good business sense, the BBC decided today to release the Doctor Who season 27 DVD boxset in the USA. It is currently listed as "not yet available" here at Amazon but with a shipping date of Valentines Day 2006, they and others should be taking pre-orders soon.

So now all of us Statesiders won't need to cross any borders or order it from our friendly neighbors up north. Sorry that you have lost our business Canada, but those of us by the border will continue diplomatic relations and watch season 28 on CBC. It was also announced yesterday that The Christmas Invasion, which RTD has said will have more clues about Torchwood, will be shown on CBC just one day late on Boxing Day, a day which is fondly referred to by the more peaceful moniker of "December 26th" here in the USA.
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