Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just another Jewish English Princess (JEP)

Now of course I am always looking for any excuse I can possible find to put a photo of Rachel Stevens up on this page. Well I really don't have much of one today but there isn't anything else to talk about so I will fill you in on what our latest "Gwen" hopeful has been up to lately.

Doctor Who

Last week Stevens turned on the christmas lights in Belfast which apparently caused quite a riot. Rachel then started a tour of universities around the UK. She will be at the University of Wales in Bangor next week. (Maybe this show will coincide with her supposed final Torchwood audition) According to her tour has not been going well and she has been playing to half-empty arenas.

Since Rachel's singing star has faded she will have to give up on the pop tunes and flaunt her other obvious assets on a small or large screen near you. But can she act? Well sadly I missed her cameo in Deuce Bigalow 2, but I heard she really showed her dramatic range in the film with her portrayal of a mud-covered character called "The Dirty Girl."
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