Friday, December 30, 2005

Countdown to midnight with the Captain

Those of you within viewing range of the BBC1 on New Year's Eve can see John Barrowman live on your TV screen. He will be featured as part of the televised coverage of Big Ben's chimes at midnight. And who knows, perhaps one of the hosts of the show can pry a few more goodies about Torchwood out of him.

doctor who

The coverage runs from 11:30 to 12:30 which of course you can tape, since the only people who are at home watching TV on New Year's Eve are those pathetic geeks who spend all their free time on the internet writing about science fiction shows.

Also, to update the John Barrowman civil partnership story, the recent news stories all stem from an interview in this month's Attitude magazine, kindly posted at A good read and JB is not shy about mentioning how backward religions are regarding gays. This story doesn't mention a surrogate child for the couple at all, that is something JB mentioned in a prior interview and is way down the line, he probably won't have time to think, let alone for a new kid in 2006 with production of Torchwood S1 and Doctor Who S29.

New Year's Eve is the one holiday this time of year I actually do celebrate, so no post for me tomorrow. To all Woodies, have a Happy New Year! Everybody's New Year's resolution for 2006 should be: Make more room for Torchwood in your life.
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