Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hmm just throwing out a thought, but do you think they are intentionally f-ing with us?

For spoilerphobes you might skip this post as it has to do with a few recent morsels of information about Torchwood, nothing too exciting mind you, but you have been warned.

The Christmas Invasion was screened for the press recently (no clue why I didn't get a copy) and some reviews have come out in the past day or so. The review in The Independent is the only one where a Torchwood reference has been spotted so far. They report the episode is anti-Bush and Blair, which clearly means we are in for a good episode, but it also says, "There is a plot line involving a new secret missile defence(sic) system called Torchwood."

doctor who

OK, this reference not only gives us nothing really juicy, it makes absolutely no sense at all. Russell and others have been prepping us up for The Christmas Invasion for months, saying that Torchwood would be alluded to in the episode. Is this all we're going to get? Well considering that TCI was shot before Torchwood was officially announced, this little "Bad Wolf" type reference might be all we'll have to chew on until the spring.

Another revelation of sorts comes from John Barrowman himself. Folks at The Live Journal Torchwood Institute had a meetup this weekend and went to see JB in the Cinderella Panto in Wimbledon. They gave him a special "Captain of The Innuendo Squad" polo shirt after the show and tried to pry some Torchwood information out of him. According to this report he said he has read the first script and told those talking with him backstage that Gwen isn't who we (the live journal community, I assume) think she is. *(Uri Geller will be 'performing' at the same theatre in Wimbledon in February. I would love to present him with a polo shirt backstage after the show reading, "Captain of the Litigious Scumbag Charlatans Squad." Who wants to chip in?)

So that means Gwen is definitely a character on the show and that she is a "she." It also means, I think, that she is not some sort of partner or companion of Jack's on the show as many of us had assumed. In the articles discussing the Rachel Stevens Torchwood rumors they refer to Gwen as a character opposite Barrowman but those all originated from an unreliable story in The Mirror.

In the light of these revelations I now see that it is quite obvious that 'the powers that be' are just messing with our minds! So I am swearing today that I will no longer try to dissect every little morsel of minutiae that comes along about Torchwood. I will put my energies toward more productive and rewarding endeavors from here on out. Watch out for a K9 & Company blog in this spot starting tomorrow.
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