Friday, December 02, 2005

Remember the Titans?

Aaron Spelling is in the news again, which admittedly I found quite shocking since I thought he was dead. He is suing his nurse as he was none too happy that she was about to call a press conference discussing the special services she had provided for the TV producer over the years.

One of Spelling's lesser known shows was a nightime soap filled with handsome actors called Titans. The show was trashed by the critics and public and lasted less than a season on NBC. Apparently Tori Spelling's father had gone to the Dynasty/Dallas well one too many times.

Doctor Who

However, in 2000 what Titans did provide to folks in the USA was a glimpse of John Barrowman on their TV screens. JB played a malicious lush called Peter Williams in the soap, in this TV guide interview he relished the role saying, "Good guy parts are unmemorable."
Interestingly enough one of the couples on that show was named Jack and Gwen!

Titans wasn't Barrowman's first exposure in a primetime soap. In 1995 he starred in another short-lived show called Central Park West. It was received well at the time by people who enjoy that sort of thing. In this interview that JB gave about the show, he was asked who was his type, he played it straight and responded, "Joan Collins." But John was able to slip in some innuendo even back then. After telling a story about running naked down Fifth Avenue, he told the reporter that his favorite pickup line was, "I'm your racehorse. Come ride me."

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