Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stand back boys, Surfs up!

More TCI fallout for you today and Torchwood speculation, so just go back where you came from if that doesn't appeal. Mind you if you do leave, you will miss out on a topless Welsh lass!

During the TCI program commentary (Which I must admit took me a while to sync up with the episode. It does seem a bit odd to release a commentary on the internet for a TV show that has already aired. Do you think the BBC is just accepting that everybody has downloaded the show? . . . nahh!) the Cardiff spacetime rift featured in The Unquiet Dead and Boomtown was mentioned in connection with Torchwood. The rift would obviously provide a great way for Jack to get to modern-day Cardiff from Satellite 5. Don't forget the Captain still has that groovy pan-dimensional surfboard. He last used it to set up a forcefield around the satellite in The Parting of the Ways and it should just be laying there waiting for him, ready to hit the waves. Jack's eyes really lit up when he first saw the surfboard and It might just provide a nice prop for him throughout the new show.

doctor who

Also in connection with that same rift, in The Unquiet Dead we were introduced to a character named Gwyneth. She was the maid who communicated with the Gelth and stood at the rift to provide them a bridge to Cardiff. It has been reported that in the new issue of SFX Magazine they say that Eve Myles, the actress who played Gwyneth, is connected with Torchwood. Hmm . . . Gwyneth, seems like a familiar name to me, how about you?

Is this the Gwen we have been puzzling about? Logically it doesn't seem she could be since she supposedly died at the end of that episode. Well I say supposedly because she was standing on a spacetime rift at the moment of her demise. A clever writer could easily get her out of that fix.

Well we do already know that RTD likes to use the same names for different people in his writing and also doesn't that character seem a bit too virginal to be part of a Watershed show opposite the flirtatious Captain Jack? Well it could be that actress Eve Myles plays a completely different character. She is an up and coming Welsh actress after all. She currently plays a fiesty character named Ceri Lewis on the Welsh drama Belonging. You can also watch video of her online in a short called Say it with Flowers.

Coincidentally I'm sure, she made an appearance as a character on Eastenders called Young Gwen three years ago. But of most interest to Torchwood.TV readers she showed some skin on the spicy BBC2 miniseries Tales from Pleasure Beach in 2001. (Ok yes I know its the reason you read through this whole dumb post, so you can take a look at what Eve showed off during that show here, scroll to bottom. No need to thank me for doing the dirty work and finding that for you pervs!)
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