Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The casting couch

During pre-production of a show, the casting director is already doing the toughest part of his/her job. On Torchwood, the man holding that job is Andy Pryor. He could be up to his neck in Gwens as we speak.

Pryor is also the casting director on Doctor Who and is the guy who notified John Barrowman two summers ago that there was a perfect part for him in the revival of the show. He is casting director for the new Life on Mars drama as well which premiers later this month on BBC1, a show that also shares writer Chris Chibnall with Torchwood.

This brief post seems to already be longer than anything already on the web about Andy Pryor. Which is suprising since he has had his fingers in many high-profile projects including the films Trainspotting, Long Time Dead and Beautiful Thing, and the TV shows The Long Firm, Cutting It and Linda Green.

For all you thespians out there, his contact information is up online. If you think you have what it takes to be on Torchwood don't hesitate to send in your 8 by 10 to Andy. If you happen to be reading this Mr. Pryor, you wouldn't have a tiny little part for me on Torchwood would you? Perhaps as a reward for drumming up so much interest in the show here on my site. I'll play anything of course, even the guy who cleans the Torchwood Institute's alien-tech toilets.
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