Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Torchwood on Ice!

If your like me, you are probably having a hard time waiting until the Winter Olympics in February for your Ice Dancing fix. Well have no fear, starting on Saturday, January 14th on ITV in the UK you can watch the celebrity reality show Dancing on Ice. Thrill to the site of not one, but two Doctor Who companions showing their blade work on the ice.


Participating in the show and bound to win will be Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman. Also lacing up for the competition will be Bonnie Langford, who played Melanie Bush nearly 20 years ago on WHO.

I am really trying my hardest to keep an open mind on this one folks, I have even read the Wikipedia article on Ice Dancing so I will be able to pick up on all the subtleties. Perhaps JB is taking part in the show to learn a new skill and/or do a little research for a future episode set on an ice world.

So the question is, what can't JB do? I look forward to seeing a singing, dancing, skating Captain Jack Harkness on the next spinoff: The Torchwood Variety Hour!
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