Monday, January 09, 2006

Judy Judy Judy

Early discussion on Outpost Gallifrey and the Torchwood Institute indicate that nothing new about Torchwood was discussed during JB's TV interview today on the brilliant Dick and Judy Show, which of course means I have nothing new to write about today either.


I was hoping to put this day off as long as possible, but if anybody has any suggestions for other things about Torchwood we could talk about that I have yet to mention on this page, put them in the comments. We still have many months to go folks and I have writer's block!

UPDATE: OK now that I have actually seen this interview, there are indeed some things worth mentioning. JB said that in Torchwood Jack comes back to present-day earth, consequently squashing any rumours that maybe the show would took place before the Captain meets the Ninth Doctor.

It is a little bit confusing but it also seems like he makes the statement that Torchwood is "unwanted by the public and the authorities." Finally he also said that since Jack has to return to the more-family-oriented Doctor Who in season 29 he will be able to get only so outrageous but that won't stop others on the show from getting quite naughty.

So the day hasn't been a total waste after all.
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