Saturday, January 14, 2006

X-rated, X-files, what's the difference?

Other than a few attention grabbing headlines in the British tabloids back in October, I don't think anybody has seriously talked about Torchwood being X-rated. It won't be airing on the Spice Channel after all, it will most probably be no more X-rated than RTD's Casanova was, which was similarly shown late night on BBC3 last year. However, in the latest Radio Times, and quoted online here, JB felt the need to "defend" the series from any X-rated rumours.

doctor who

Here in the US, Doctor Who has never been considered to be a show aimed towards kids, so it is no problem for me at least, to hear about a spinoff that isn't either. The spicier the better I say, we have already had the X Files, what would we be the point of "Britain's answer to" it. There is no more need for a show like that then there was for the American version of Coupling.

And speaking of cross-Atlantic ripoffs, for those of you in the US who are upset you can't watch Dancing on Ice, not to worry you need only wait until Wednesday to see Skating with Celebrities on FOX. However the show's title seems a bit inaccurate, I can't find a celebrity in the whole batch. Ok, that's not fair. Todd Bridges is in it after all.

For those who are expecting updates on my site about how JB is doing on that little reality ice dancing show, sorry to dissapoint you but you will just have to go to the show's page for any of that. I am not a fan of either reality shows or ice dancing and putting them both together is not going to change that. For those of you who are watching, please drop me a line if John accidentally spills some Torchwood news while hopped up on painkillers.
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