Friday, January 13, 2006

There are no more excuses for posting photos of Rachel

Yesterday the Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio1 aired a brief interview with John Barrowman, the star of Dancing on Ice, who answering questions about a project he is also involved with that you may have heard of called Torchwood. You can listen to the report here, jump to the 2:32:30 mark on Thursday's show to get to the good stuff.

JB starts by mentioning the shared production facilities and team between Doctor Who and Torchwood. He then replied that he would not confirm the Rachel Stevens rumours and that what we have read about it is not the truth. Those of us who closely analyzed the Rachel coverage spotted that right from the start. He also said in the interview he had just read the first script three days ago, which means his comments are probably about a month old, since he told that exact same thing to fans backstage at the Cinderella panto in December.


So it looks like another Welsh pop star officially bites the dust. Sorry, but I couldn't resist giving you one last picture of Rachel just for old times sake. OK, who's the next Gwen on the list, Lisa Scott-Lee?
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