Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Saint David's Day To All Our Welsh Readers!

Yes, today, March 1st is a very special day for any folk living in Wales. Today is St. David's day, (St.David being the patron saint of Wales). It's a day of national pride across all of Wales, and a day of celebration. Throughout the land all are celebrating what makes Wales so great. So, everyone at torchwoodtv wishes the Doctor Who and Torchwood offices a happy March 1st. Have a great day guys! For more info on St. David click here.


Now, Kurly's look at the life and times of Eve Myles is due any day now, so I thought today would be the ideal time to print some recent comments the star made to ICWales following her casting. Eve Myles says:

"I'm a huge fan of Billie. I think she's absolutely amazing - she's just fantastic. But mine is a very different character to Rose - they're pretty much like chalk and cheese.Gwen starts off as a police officer in Cardiff and then gets involved in the Torchwood team.She's a very down-to-earth girl, kind and generous, but extremely ambitious, feisty, intelligent and witty. But she's also very human - she's really the girl next door. Because I'm playing her, I put a lot of me into it and I take a lot of my own characteristics.She's a brave girl and you have to be brave in this kind of business, and take risks and be ambitious - not too ambitious though, because there's nothing worse than that.But she's very level-headed and in that sense I'm like her, although she's probably a bit braver and more inquisitive."

So, Gwen definately isn't Gwynth from last year's Doctor Who episode "The Unquiet Dead". She's a modern day police office working in Cardiff who sometimes gets caught up in the antics of Jack Harkness. The girl falls for Jack? Typical!

See you guys soon.

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