Thursday, March 02, 2006

He's no angel

The Torchwood stable of writers has accepted one more member. Toby Whithouse has picked up a pen and joined RTD, PJ Hammond, Chris Chibnall and (likely) Steven Moffat.

Whithouse was already given the important task of writing episode 3 School Reunion for the forthcoming season of Doctor Who. It is a highly-anticipated story that will feature the return of two companions from the classic series.

Toby is probably best regarded for creating the show No Angels, a Channel 4 drama about young nurses in love. He has been much in demand lately, an episode he wrote of the drama Hotel Babylon aired a few weeks ago on BBC1. His play Blue Eyes and Heels starring Martin Freeman ran at London's Soho Theatre last Autumn. Unfortunately the stage show which featured a heavy dose of satire attacking TV had less than stellar reviews.

Whithouse has appeared in front of the camera as well. His IMDB actor entry reads almost like Ricky Gervais' CV from Extras, including characters named: Man in restaurant, Sound Technician, and Student. To help his stalled acting career he could always write a juicy part for himself in Torchwood, perhaps as an unnamed Institute agent who is exterminated in the first five minutes of the episode.

PS - John Barrowman will once again be on the ITV chat show Loose Women this Friday the 3rd. If his appearances last Fall on the program are anything to go from, JB should be good for an innuendo or ten.
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