Friday, April 07, 2006

Torchwood and Claw

Below this screencap is something that I would consider a minor spoiler about the forthcoming season of Doctor Who, so skip it if you are among the faint of heart.


While it looks like there will be no clues on Torchwood in the first episode of season 28, advanced reports on the second episode, Tooth and Claw, reveal there will be a visit to the Institute by none other than Queen Victoria. What is of most interest to Woodies perhaps is that this seems to indicate that Torchwood was already in operation in the 19th century.

Reviews of the show which mention Torchwood can be found at and The Daily Record. The second episode will air on BBC1 on April 22, so that gives us plenty of time to imagine up some exotique scenarios involving Captain Jack and Queen Victoria.
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