Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And the BAFTA goes to...

So, last night Doctor Who won the BAFTA award for Best Drama Series (rightly so!) and also the brilliant Pioneer Audience Award, voted for by the public. The entire team deserve the award 100%, and that includes a certain Mr. John Barrowman, who in my opinion made "The Empty Child" two-hander the best piece of drama this side of forever. David, Billie, Russell, Phil and Julie may have been celebrating their win in a rather posh London Hall, but John was tucked away in Cardiff, filming Torchwood. The dedication I tell ya!

Anyways John, if you're reading (and I'm sure you are!) give yourself a pat on the back on behalf of the British public. We love Doctor Who, as evident from the show's BAFTA win, and we love Captain Jack too.

But most importantly we can't wait until Torchwood. So go get 'em tiger!
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