Thursday, June 01, 2006

Come And Have A Go (If You Think Your Smart Enough)

No real topic of discussion today, but anyways, it might be worth visiting and seeing what happens...

And Mr. Barrowman, if you're reading (if so, a big hello!) , it seems a lot of people love you right now. Sky showbiz reports "Dancing On Ice star John Barrowman is the man you girls want to sit in with the lovely Fern Britton on This Morning.John stepped in last month for a few days and the switchboard went into meltdown. The plan is to get him back as quickly as possible." Well, no 'fence ITV but you'll have to wait! The brilliant John Barrowman is a little busy right now, on a little show called Torchwood. You guys might even have heard of it. It's going to wipe the floor with whatever you produce, and become every bit as popular and successful as Doctor Who.

Hear that? That's the sound of ITV running scared.

And so they should, because Torchwood's coming.
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