Sunday, July 23, 2006

Captain Workaholic

Since I put this job upon myself of closely looking at John Barrowman's schedule, I have become exausted myself just trying to figure out how he puts all the pieces together. In the middle of Torchwood production JB is somehow finding the time to be on a new reality show. And unlike Dancing on Ice, this time he gets to call the shots.

How do you solve a problem like Maria
will premiere on BBC1 this coming Saturday evening. The winner of the 8-part Idol-type show will star in a West End revival of The Sound of Music this December as Maria, that o-so-feisty nun played by Julie Andrews in the film.

Perhaps they are bringing prospective Marias out to the HUB so that JB can get a preview before the show. I'm sure they could do with a few nuns around the place. Sitting alongside JB on the judges panel Saturday night will be David Ian and Zoe Tyler. I wonder how tough a judge JB will be. I doubt Barrowman will take on the Simon Cowell role since he doesn't have the proper accent after all.
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