Friday, July 21, 2006

Greeks, Ghosts and New Girls!

This month's issue of Doctor Who Magazine is now on sale and includes a short news section on the development of Torchwood.

Episode two is entitled "New Girl" (and not "Dark Revelations" as previously noted). That particular episode formed part of recording block one with "Flotsam and Jetsam" - and filming on both episodes has now completed.

As the issue went to press, block two was also nearing completion. This block includes the episodes "The Ghost Machine" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts". Recently our friend Chula revealed the following information about the set of episodes (If you want to stay in the dark skip the rest of this post, but not everything has been revealed to protect the production team - we don't want all the good stuff leaking out before its time):

Ep 3, "Ghost Machine", sees our heroes come into possession of a device that can tap into the hidden energy left behind by strong emotions; the person holding the device sees the exact transaction that caused the energy to be imprinted, they not only see what went on but FEEL it too. This obviously has a lasting impression and we see certain members of Torchwood investigating the events they felt and witnessed to either gain some semblance of closure or in one case - revenge.

Ep 8, "Greeks Bearing Gifts", is definitely one for the lads. The guest star is Daniela Denby Ashe who starred in Eastenders and My family. She plays Mary, an incredibly sexy alien who seduces Toshiko so she can gain her trust and infiltrate Torchwood's secret base. She gives Tosh a pendant that enables Tosh to hear peoples thoughts. She uses her new gift to help people but soon finds that what people say and think are two different things.

Block three consists of two episodes, one written by Chris Chibnall (his second episode), and the other is by a new set of writers, Dan McCulloch and Paul Tomalin. This block is directed by "The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit" helmer James Strong. Chula had to say about these episodes in all his might:

Block Three is now being shot and are probably the best two so far, even I don't want to spoil it for your readers, as the explosive plots really make these episodes great. Suffice to say we see old friends return in both episodes - trust me, fans will go wild.

So, bets now who the "old friends" are...

Currently in pre-production is block four, confirmed as being directed by Alice Troughton (no relation apparently!). This production block finally sees PJ Hammond's "Small Worlds" (now a confirmed title!) go behind the camera, and sees the debut of new writer Cath Tregenna. With both a female director, plus a female writer, this should be a fully-female charged set of episodes, and everyone here at can't wait.

Because we all know girls have just as much fun as the boys.

Until next time (which for me won't be for another week, because I'm going on holiday!) cheerios and adios. Enjoy the summer sun...and remember, three months to go!
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