Monday, July 17, 2006

The Hub Sweatshop

Another update for you from the inside, Don't worry, no spoilers or anything exciting like that.

Production has now passed the half-way mark, blocks 1 and 2 are finished and the cast and crew are now into block 3 of shooting. Well some of the crew, many only had 3-month contracts, so there was a big overhaul of the faces hanging around the Hub at the half-way mark.

The report is that block 2 was grueling for everybody and the crew are tired from the rigourous schedule. The cast looks to be giving their all as well, last week Naoko Muri sprained her ankle during shooting! Good news is, I'm told she's already back on her feet.

Burn Gorman might have it the roughest of all though, congratulations go out to him, because in the midst of the toughest part of production he became a father to a baby boy! That's no problem, he's tough enough to survive on a few hours of sleep a day. Keep up the good work Burn.

So whenever you are tempted to complain about your job, remember you probably get to go home after 8 hours, and don't forget those sweating for you in Cardiff so you can be entertained in three months time.
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