Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Magic 200 - Have Your Say

Folks, we've reached another milestone here at - our 200th post! It doesn't seem like yesturday (well, it wasn't of course, it was October 18th 2005!) that we were sat here, i awe, as a new Doctor Who spin-off was announced. We had no idea what Torchwood was, how Jack Harkness fitted into it all, or who his side-kicks are.

Look how far we've come.

And the journey's not over yet. To celebrate our 200th posting, and to begin the final 3 month countdown until October finally arrives, we're giving you readers the chance to have your say.

Write your comments below, in the comments section, telling us exactly how you feel, and what you want from Torchwood. Remember, comments can be about anything (anything at all I tell ya!), so get typing!

There is a chance that Jack Harkness himself, Mister John Barrowman, could be sat at the Hub right now, reading what you've written - so get writing!

Oh, and happy 200th us!
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