Monday, October 23, 2006

Lets Go Site Seeing

The BBCi Torchwood site has to be one of the most impressive Torchwood-dedicated sites around - and following last night's debut, it's been updated again!

On the site you can now hear interviews with John Barrowman (discussing the origins of the series), Julie Gardner (talking about the characters), Brian Kelly (telling us the story about Suzie), Eve Myles (Gwen, of course) and Edward Thomas (production designer).

The interviews can be seen in the Interrogation Room, viewable here.

Also on the site are video catch-ups for episodes one and two, and the 'next time' trailer for this upcoming Sunday's "Ghost Machine".

Torchwood Declassified's first two episodes are also running now, as well as two short "alien autospy" features - "Sex Gas" and "The Weevil". So, you've no excuse not to become a Torchwood brainiac after all!

Expect further updates to the site this time every week.
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