Friday, October 27, 2006

Crossing Over

Today I'm popping down to Portland Oregon to see Lalla Ward's (Romana II) husband speak. Which I bring up only because of its relationship to the resurrection sequence in Episode 1. The subject of Richard Dawkin's new book and talk is The God Delusion, Like Dawkins, Russell T Davies is an Atheist. RTD's beliefs about the nature of life and death are touched on in the opening of Everything Changes.

When the unfortunate John Tucker is brought back to life he reveals to all of us that when you're dead you're done. Nothing, that's it, end of story. Of course we would all like to think that our consciousness will never end, and I would also like to think I will win the lottery this weekend, I imagine the latter has much better odds. So in the Whoniverse there appears to be no traditional afterlife to speak of, but as is evident from the title of the next episode Ghost Machine, our emotions might just have a life of their own after we are dead and buried.

Now while I'm as skeptic as they come about the supernatural out here in the natural non-fiction world, I do enjoy watching fictional stories that aren't restricted by our same natural laws on TV. In online forums there seem to be a minority of folks who felt disrespected by the revived John Tucker's revelations. However, just as I don't get upset about violations of physics in Torchwood, there is no reason to get up in arms because your particular beliefs aren't adhered to in a dramatic TV show.

Well I'm off on my quick heathen holiday, thanks for helping make Torchwood a huge hit, and be sure to attend the Church of Torchwood this and every Sunday night on BBC3.
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