Monday, October 23, 2006

The Day After The Night Before

For Freeview viewers (or any other "digital" users) Torchwood has now aired on British Television for the first time - and I know exactly how you're all feeling:

Your jaws hit the floor because of how unbelievabley good this was. posted a review of "Everything Changes" last week (spoiler free-ish) and a review of "Day One" will follow on Thursday morning. We want to let BBC 2 viewers watch the show without being spoiled too much, so for their benefit, we'll discuss episodes here on the main page only after they've aired on BBC 2 on Wednesday evenings. Don't fret though, if you do want discussion of the episodes now, head on down to the Torchwood chat zone! You might even meet a Torchwood celebrity. Failing that, myself or Kurly will be there as a consolation prize!

I expect today's going to be quite quiet on the Tochwood front. Except for a report on ratings for last night's episode (expect mid-day) and newspaper reviews, a lot of the promotion for the series will now slow down.

But good old will be around to report any news if and when it does appear.

Toodles for now folks...
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