Monday, October 23, 2006

Millions Can't Be Wrong!

Unconfirmed ratings for last night's Torchwood double bill are now in:

Apparently, on average, the Torchwood premiere achieved a massive (for BBC 3) 2.4 Million viewers.


More news as we get it: but if this number is true, it's the highest rating ever for a BBC launch...

UPDATE: 2.4 Million is now a confirmed number! Our friends at unitnews report:

"The premiere of Torchwood on BBC Three attracted 2.4 million viewers, one of the biggest multichannel audiences of all time and the channel's largest ever audience.

The opening episode 'Everything Changes' was the third most show in its slot beaten by ITV's Prime Suspect and Channel 4's showing of the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The episode equalled the audience for BBC One's Wide Sargasso Sea and secured a 12.5% share of the total audience which is believed to be a record for the channel.

The second installment, 'Day One', held on to almost all of the audience attracting 2.3 million viewers.

Multichannel audiences tend to be far smaller than those for the traditional 'big channels' with channels such as Sky One rarely creeping over the one million mark for non-sport events.

For the last week reported by BARB BBC Three's highest rated show was an advance viewing of hit spy drama Spooks which was seen by 814,000 viewers.

Giving his reaction to the viewing figures Julian Bellamy, Controller BBC THREE said: "I'm delighted that last night's Torchwood was such a big hit. It's an incredible achievement to be the highest rating show ever on BBC THREE and one of the most watched programmes on a digital channel."

The news has also been picked up on the BBC News Service.

Excellent news I'm sure you'll agree! Season two, here we come...!

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