Monday, October 16, 2006

k9 and Company

Filming has finished on the one hour pilot for the second Doctor Who spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

A couple of weeks ago, one reader spotted Torchwood filming at their office, and we reported about it here. Now, it would seem, that not only were they filming Torchwood there - but SJA's too!

"Nate" has the following set report from that day:

"When the filming of Dr Who, Torchwood & Sarah Jane Adventures came to my place of work I managed to snatch a picture of K-9, I believe he was used in the filming of both Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures.

From talking to his 'handler', he is the original from the 1960's (sic) but unfortunately he is in a real state of disrepair. Apparently if they get an hours worth of work out of him a day without him breaking down, it's a complete miracle!"

It's curious to think that at the start of October, the BBC Wales team were producing three shows at the same time: Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures. How many other series can boost such an achievement?

Stargate? Pah - only two! Buffy? No way! Happy Days? Well, that one did - but the less we talk about Joanie loves Chacci, the better!

The Sarah Jane Adventures should hit CBBC screens in early 2007.

So, Kurly, - what do you say?

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