Monday, October 16, 2006

The Radio Times Front Cover

The time has come at last; after almost a year of waiting (more on that later) and we're only a week away from Torchwood's debut on British television (and all the usual suspect spots online too.)

With mere days to go, there's one special treat for all us Woodies out there - as the TV Listings magazines hit the shelves tomorrow.

In a prestigious move, Torchwood (like Doctor Who before it) has secured a Radio Times front cover for its opening episodes. The cover can be seen here, or at the official Radio Times site.

Inside, there's an interview with John Barrowman, as well as a behind the scenes look on the series. Oh, and broadcast details that don't conflict with themselves! It will be on at 9pm this Sunday for the double bill and then 10pm starting the following Sunday the 29th.

The Radio Times (and all those other magazines) is out tomorrow, priced at a reasonable 98 pence.
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