Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Obligatory self-congratulatory post

Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of Torchwood.TV. That probably doesn't mean a lot to you but to me it means I have to write another check and send it down to Tuvalu, the South Pacific island nation who sells the rights to all dot.TV domains.


But more importantly, it's been nice to see this site grow to what it is today with the help and support of so many Woodies. (Sorry, I'm afraid that has stuck now, even JB is using it. I suppose I could brag about being the first to coin that title online a year ago, but there really aren't any other obvious choices) This page started as just a challenge to myself to see if I could write daily columns about a show that was months away from production. I had previously written a blog about skepticism and Atheism that not even my friends and family bothered to read. When Torchwood was announced, I figured that since Doctor Who is also one of my interests I might as well blog about that instead, after all, I certainly couldn't write a page that generated less interest than what I had been doing.

Well Torchwood.TV sputtered along for the first few months featuring only me as a contributor, a few dozen regular readers and not surprisingly very little real news to speak of. Once season 28 of WHO started airing we turned a bit of a corner and lots of people started to care about Torchwood and turned to the small handful of sites who were reporting on the show at the time. We were lucky enough to get some inside information once production finally started and became an important resource for fans who just couldn't get enough news from the Hub.

Now on the eve of the show's premiere, I'm very glad to see this site has become a lot bigger than me or any self-centered goals I may have had at the onset. Thanks again to all our readers and everybody who has contributed, and thanks of course to all the Torchwood production team and cast. Let's hope for many more series of the show and consequently many more anniversaries for Torchwood.TV.

I've rattled on long enough, nothing left now but to say: Enjoy the show Sunday night, you deserve it!
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