Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Radio Torchwood

If you're like me, you've tried everything to help pass the time on your daily commute. Well the solution has finally arrived, now all that time sitting in traffic can be used to catch up on the latest Torchwood news. There are two new Torchwood podcasts on the scene: Torchcast from the creators of Torchwood Online and Torchpod, which advertises a feminine spin on the spinoff. Inevitably the next podcast on the scene will feature a Weevil's perspective.

Where can we buy official Torchwood earmuffs?

In other news: you can expect to see a few pictures leaked if you film your TV show right outside a newspaper office. Flickr user unclewilco was kind enough to post several pictures of last Friday's Torchwood location filming here. In the papers, The South Wales Echo reported further on the wave of tourists heading to Cardiff on the Torchwood trail.

And finally, the Points of View TV segment Sunday centered around Torchwood, complaints that it didn't premiere on a terrestial station and about that damn BBC3 DOG, it has been posted on Youtube here.
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