Sunday, October 15, 2006

SFX Addicted

Back in February 2006, SFX Magazine posted a viewers wishlist for Torchwood - and we reported about it here. It's strange to look back on such an early Torchwood document, and realise how much more we now know about the series.


The magazine's 150th issue extraganza hits newsagents everywhere next weekend, and to celebrate, they've only gone out of their way to give us all as much Torchwood information as possible!

Over the next week or so, the magazine's website will be updated several times, with the following Torchwood related goodness:

An introduction to Torchwood's characters by producer Richard Stokes

John Barrowman quotes

An in-depth review of "Everything Changes"

And maybe more too!

Might be worth checking out, don't you agree?

In related news, Digitalspy drops the bombshell that Cardiff's Torchwood is only the United Kingdom's THIRD. There's actually four across the country; one in London (as seen in "Army of Ghosts" / "Doomsday"); one in Edinburgh; one in Cardiff (our Torchwood - hooray!); and also - bizzarely - a "missing" one too.

Nobody has any idea where this missing Torchwood base is located...

And neither will we - unless a certain Captain Harkness and his team decide to investigate the matter...
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