Monday, November 06, 2006

Back On Track...

Firstly, can I just apologize for being a little AWOL recently? My last few posts have left a lot to be desired, and seem a little rushed - mainly because, to be frank, I was a little Torchwood-ed out. I'd been so exposed to Torchwood throughout October, that I was posting left, right and centre - and in effect, the quality of my posts has suffered slightly.

But I'm back now, after a mini-rest over the past few days; bigger and better than ever before. Here's a long overdue news catch-up, it feels like ages since I did this last. Here goes:

The Torchwood website has again updated itself, with a catch-up of last night's "Cyberwoman", and a preview of next week's PJ Hammond (Sapphire and Steel - more on that later in the week!) written "Small Worlds". There's also extensive interviews with the cast and crew of Torchwood, including Gareth David Lloyd, aka Ianto Jones for you and I! Get over to for your latest Torchwood fix!

Last night's episode, the infinitely cool "Cyberwoman", has received a lot of mixed fan opinion. Pick up copies of today's national newspapers for some TV critic reviews. On the topic of last night's "Cyberwoman", the episode's over night's ratings are not yet out, but we'll update when they are. UPDATE: The ratings are in, "Cyberwoman" dropped down further from last week, with an average of 1.16 Million viewers.

Bethan Walker, who played pizza delivery Alice in "Cyberwoman" has her own myspace account, which you lucky Woodies can visit here. Drop the good lady a line, and let her know how much you're loving Torchwood. Or hating it... whatever floats your boat (But I imagine that Bethan won't be too happy if you inundate her with messages proclaiming your hate. Be positive people - it's all about the positive!).

The fantastic Torchwood Institute site has updated its 'screencaps' area (viewable here) to include all four of the first Torchwood episodes. It's a fantastic resource - one that I thought I should credit at last, having taken images from it over the last month. Thanks guys, you're running a great site.

In other news, it looks like the Torchwood DVD will secure at least a "15" Certificate when it's released on DVD at the end of next month. The BBFC recently reviewed the first episode, "Everything Changes", deciding that it's viewable for anybody 15 or older, with no cuts made to the episode. There's currently uncertainty over whether "Day One" will push the release up to an "18", although this seems unlikely...

For anybody interested, the first season of Doctor Who 2005 (which introduced Captain Jack Harkness in five episodes) was recently re-released in the UK in a slim-line case. 2 Entertain have made the wise decision to jettison that chunky TARDIS boxset at last - saving lots of valuable shelf space! The boxset is available now priced £45, and would make the ideal Christmas present for any Torchwood fan recently converted to the world of Who...

The Radio Times is released tomorrow, and previews "Small Worlds" and "Torchwood Declassified" episode five - just don't expect any flash behind the scenes articles. Last week I spent 98p on the magazine, and Torchwood hardly featured inside. Pah!

Right, before I go a quick nod to my all-new (can't believe I was bullied into it) site, - a sister site to, covering all things to do with the new Sarah Jane Smith spin-off series, "The Sarah Jane Adventures". You can visit the site here, and please feel free to leave your comments. Hopefully we'll get a styled makeover in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading this little post of mine. It's great to be back full time on the site - and it's great to hear from our readers again. Until next time, as Kurly would say, "Toodles"...
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