Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My sweet Myfanwy

Those of you who joined the raging debate about what name to give the Torchwood pterodactyl (and you know who you are) seemed a bit upset yesterday after hearing John Barrowman reveal in De-Classified that the crew are calling her Myfanwy on the set. If you take a look on the bright side, his statement makes it sound like the Hub's pet doesn't actually have an official name yet. A nick-name on the set is just that, it's not official until we see something in the script. So perhaps it's just a matter of time before the BBC press office starts a "Name that pterodactyl" contest!


But if you were going to pick a name for the basketball-playing dinosaur you could do worse than Myfanwy. Her bio is at the official Torchwood site here. According to Parenthood.com this welsh girl's name means "My fine, rare one." The tragic love story of Myfanwy is a classic Welsh myth that has been kindly summarized by the BBC here. There is also a traditional sappy Welsh love song called Myfanwy to go along with it, the lyrics are here. Sing along and you won't be able to resist thinking of our special friend at the hub.
Why is it anger, O Myfanwy,
That fills your eyes so dark and clear?
Your gentle cheeks, O sweet Myfanwy,
Why blush they not when I draw near?
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