Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is Torchwood LOST?

Now that it's Thursday and everybody has had ample opportunity to see it, talking about Cyberwoman is fair game. Until now I have been reluctant to post my personal thoughts on Torchwood since it started airing. One, because who cares what I think, and two, I really wasn't blown away by the first few episodes to be honest. As there have been more than enough negative critics around since the show debuted I was hoping this spot could be a positive oasis.
Source: Ianto Snaps

The show had been good, but not amazing. The Cyberwoman episode however was what I was waiting for. Great pacing, an exciting memorable story with dynamite performances. Ianto even got us thinking of some new definitions for Cybersex. Let's hope the rest of the season can keep it up and I do fully expect it to only get better.

It was such a pity then, that only about a million folks decided to tune in for the BBC3 broadcast on Sunday. While still very respectable for digital TV at that time slot, it is worrying that over half the people who dropped in for the premiere last month haven't bothered to come back. So what's the problem? The 10pm Sunday slot seems to be a bit of an albatross. Just moving it up an hour to 9 on Sundays could be helpful, next week it also has to start going head to head with LOST.

However if a show is quality you should be able to put it on at any time and people will find it. Other solutions? Thoughts? No slacking off allowed until we hear an announcement that season two has the green light!
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